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Shanghai Seven Sky Hotel (Seventh Heaven Hotel Shanghai), Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.'Br sept jours' marque remonte à Shanghai il y a plus de 70 ans.En 1915, Guo le, frère de Guo Quan, ressortissant chinois, a créé Yong An, est l 'une des quatre grandes entreprises de l' époque.En 1932, les frères Guo Shi ont construit un gratte - ciel de 19 étages, le nouveau bâtiment Yong 'an, relié au vieux bâtiment par un pont fermé au - dessus de la route du Zhejiang, devenant ainsi le paysage le plus célèbre de la route de Nanjing.En 1937, Yong 'an a réussi à s' enregistrer sous le nom de « sept jours », car il se trouvait au septième étage du nouveau bâtiment de la sécurité permanente.Les sept premiers jours de l 'ancien Shanghai ont été agréables dans quelques - uns des plus hauts bâtiments de l' époque, dans les plus luxueux lieux de divertissement, dans les bâtiments symboliques, dans les salles de chant et de danse de Shanghai.Comme l 'a dit M. Mao Shield dans Shanghai Morning, les « sept jours » sont un paradis social pour de nombreuses femmes de renommée sociale, de nombreuses élites du monde des affaires et des affaires, ainsi que pour de nombreux habitants de Shanghai qui rêvent et rêvent d' un lieu de divertissement de luxe, qui a longtemps caractérisé toute l 'Asie du Sud - Est.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Le vieux restaurant de Shanghai a grandi avec des plats purs de Shanghai, a accueilli de grands festivals de mariage, d 'anniversaires, de réunions, de festivals de haut niveau et de visiteurs.Cafe - bar.Chanter et danser tous les soirs, vous ramener à l 'Oceanie, sentir la beauté de Shanghai.
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  • weiwei8979
    Intended to help customers, nice hotel, good location
  • AaronPang
    On Nanjing Road, the Bund is convenient, rooms are a little small, bathroom good, good breakfast in the hotel is in the same class.
  • davidtao
    Location very good, and very convenient, hotel facilities may be old, but reminds people of the old Shanghai style. health condition is very good, very comfortable to live. services are also in place.
  • cc198458
    Convenient, nice
  • manutd409
    Hotel Services can't. Guy especially the lobby service have no patience.
  • pc440825
    Yes, come again. the network is so bad!
  • Jarotina
    All right
  • gaoming595
    Shopping convenience, the traffic is convenient, relatives in Shanghai at a time the preferred
  • aidiudiu8310
    Good location, high floor, next time
  • e Lauren
    Less than seven water outside in the morning wake up!
  • bettytang
    Location very good, and very convenient, hotel facilities may be old, but reminds people of the old Shanghai style. health condition is very good, very comfortable to live. services are also in place. room due to a problem with the power outlet, contact to fix right away, very nice, thank you!
  • driveaway
    Customer says Yes, always stay there
  • miitoo
    Hotel Services can't. Guy especially the lobby service have no patience.
  • meora
    Good location, I checked into room 903, Deluxe rooms. as with other friend also recommended value according to everyone. added that the community parking is pay parking is around 10 yuan/hour, 8-24 80 yuan an hour. Central hotel is 9 yuan/hour 8-24 hour 72. are very close, on the side.
  • beauwei
    Unbeatable prices, get hungry too
  • cyyim
    Best location, in the heart of Nanjing Road. complete room facilities Basic, adequate hot water 24 hours, a small refrigerator. opened the window is Nanjing Road, doing morning exercises in the morning the night street view looks good. opposite of Shen-da, eating shopping convenient. stay here next time
  • Anne33
    ? ? ? ? ?. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?.
  • e03131012
    Take out-of-town friends, Nanjing Road hotels, with high cost performance, look for seven days. hotel location is very good, facilities can, friends say just fine
  • jb_david
    Nanjing Road pedestrian street Center, shopping trips are very convenient to eat, 5-minute walk of Metro line station Line 2. drawback is parking not convenient.
  • lulei_giggs
    Hotel simple, quiet, building no?, things can only desks
  • dsw595
    Room was a bit basic. The internet would go out every few hours, which was very strange. The staff was very helpful and friendly.
  • sweet1818
    Services are very good next to Hotel living here
  • movexmaster
    Terrain well! near Nanjing Road transportation is convenient!
  • rainbow611622
    Good location, poor hardware
  • acguard
    Everything else is OK, breakfast is to be rich.
  • dominicwy
    Great location, the hotel building itself is very old, service was good, the room is crowded, a little older, my major is also convenient for travel
  • cindyirual
    The location was excellent, convenient to foreigners compared to adapt
  • anana0532
    And the expected gap
  • babylinla
    Hotels in prime locations in Shanghai, good location, very convenient, accommodation was good, room is small, but cost-effective, next to Shanghai still live here
  • e00169536
    Is good, the small. There was no bottled water, and breakfast ended too early.
  • tommy0807
    Health easy
  • mars64
    Breakfast is too generic, services such as sanitation and good good.
  • biancx
    Location very good, convenient transportation, hotel, room was small, but friends can still feel, next time friends come to Shanghai but also let them live here.
  • dayu2dj
    Location did not have to say. providing just passable services at the front desk!
  • oO Oo Ah Zheng
    Sanitation is poor, there is WiFi is very weak, the network wasn't working during the day, also from the Nanjing Road pedestrian street near,
  • aura1031
    Add super convenient, right on Nanjing Road pedestrian street, away from the business and Metro stations are close, easy to go to the Bund within walking distance. the ointment is talk to staff at the door in the morning, due to a small corridor space, so noisy.
  • LooNy
    Parking space is small, nice, Nanjing Road shopping is convenient, rooms are OK, good
  • aaa5203313
    Nanjing Road of old hotel, friends to Shanghai play on live Xia has, to of too late, downstairs of Shanghai restaurant has had has business time, room within on like 30 generation old Shanghai, is has taste, list Nanjing Road. night is good. pointed out that about, room within of broadband too let people concerns has, this speed is worried, room within of computer industry not to force Ah, ink ink......
  • ninama1031
    Hotel location very better, on body at street in the, window is expected to to street views. near has many food establishments. walk to square station also probably 5 minutes. we live of is standard between, room not is big, but two people staying also can. just room noise not too good, as was in elevator between waiting loud talk, room within will heard. was is staying three late, last because didn't want to turned Hotel too trouble, again continued live more a late does.
  • e00955342
    Good location, convenient transportation, health, recommended
  • marlboni
    good position Clean good price i will visit again~
  • miwang1
    Very convenient location, external walls of some old, breakfast is simple.
  • dianang
    Rooms are a little problem!
  • meimao
    Location is good looking, Nanjing East Road in the thermometer above. the room is really small, small ... ... But the key is good! breakfast is relatively small.
  • allset1987
    Location is great.
  • AI Wei
    Great location, just on Nanjing Road, where both
  • oldwu
    Great have lived many times
  • pypyp911
    Great location! old equipment, odor-free, breakfast poor
  • teatime321
    MSN you thought that yin QIAO Xiao Qiu wholeheartedly to take a bath
    Very convenient